About Us

Internet has penetrated over 2.4 Billion people around the world and is growing at the rate of 500% every year. Businesses and individuals worldwide are creating and managing ideas every day over the internet.

Where does it all start?

It starts with a name. Internet Domain Names, which are basically addresses of websites, are the starting point to create presence on the internet. Then follows creating a website, hosting the website on a server, creating email addresses, securing the website, and much much more. That, makes our customers connect to the whole wide world.

Our customers are mostly small businesses showcasing their products/services and their brand so that anyone in need can directly contact them, medium and large enterprises showcasing their range of products/services/brands and also running operations on their team sites, freelancers and self-employed consultants offering their services, professionals creating and sharing their profiles, and just about anyone wanting to build their ideas in the world of internet.

Our customers can pick and choose any product/s they like or get advantage by going for our well designed packages of our products. BookMera.Com offers a stunning, user friendly design for the easiest and hassle-free shopping experience. The design and layout is so clean and easy to understand, there is no chance of any confusion. A bunch of free addon features like 2 Email Accounts and Privacy Protection on every domain purchase will make people wanting to book more domain names at every chance they get.

We boast of being in this business for over 12 years, bringing in expertise as best as it can get. Our platform is one of the biggest in the world and powers close to 6 million domain names, worldwide. With customer support, robust and prompt, our customers never have any complaints or worries once they know their Address on the web is managed by us.

We wish our customers a great shopping experience, and thank them to believe in us, all these years. And if you haven't already, we bet you're gonna check us out very soon.